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kendra chantelle


Based in Nashville, TN, Kendra Chantelle has made a name for herself as one of the more versatile vocalists and artists around. The daughter of a brilliant vocalist mother and rock drummer father, music was an inevitable calling that she always planned to pursue. She is a phenomenal artist and songwriter but also stays busy singing lead and backing vocals live and in the studio, doing vocal production and arranging, writing and recording music for TV & film, vocal coaching and doing yoga for her #YogAbroad following world wide. She is on tour with Tom Keifer as a vocalist and percussionist in #KeiferBand Her personal sound is a fusion of tortured soul, rock & roll, blues and R&B but she is genre fluid and can be  called on to perform country, pop, blues, rock & roll, metal, bluegrass, jazz and beyond. As long as it has "that feeling and pocket" she's in.

Kendra has been writing for a new project to be expected 2019. 

 Click here for updates on my project via kickstarter!

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namaste on the road

Kendra is on tour with Tom Keifer (Cinderella) for tour dates, please visit and any solo dates will be updated here. 

September 3, 2019 Kendra Chantelle at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC 11PM

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Kendra teaches what she has named “Yocology” which is her own unique fusion of Yoga and Voice. She takes the breath, mental focus and spirituality of yoga and blends it with the vast knowledge of vocal technique she’s acquired with her almost twenty years of study. She has taken voice instruction from some of the best teachers/coaches out there including Rachel Raines (speech level singing), Tray Simmons (Bravo Voice), Angel Higgs, Singing Success! (Brett Manning), and Liz Johnson (Love Revolution Vocal Studio). Her variety of study has allowed her to take the best techniques out of each vocal theory and stick them all into a pot of vocal gumbo. Her insatiable thirst for continued education means she is always learning, testing and applying new techniques and exercises to compliment the tried and true methods she trusts. She prides herself on never teaching the same lesson to different students- and puts much preparation, thought and personalization into each client’s vocal journey. Whether you’re seeking technique, breath control, stylistic direction, studio technique and tips, live performance/confidence coaching or any blend of these, Kendra’s Yocology can help. Use the contact form below for inquiries about scheduling and pricing.

Client testimonials:

"I sing SO much better just from doing a vocal workout with you once a week" -Tyrone Carreker, Sam Hunt band. 

"I feel like I had a complete vocal transformation in this one hour I've been here!" -Maddie Driscoll, Nashville recording artist

"OMG already I am noticing a difference in my voice. So much more relaxed!" -Manrelic, Nashville recording artist

"We have always known our daughter was a great singer, but the amount of swagger and confidence she is performing with since starting lessons with you is amazing to see!" -Mother of 14 year old student. 


Kendra wears Blo Vintage Jewelry

Kendra is an ambassador for the recycled, sustainable active wear brand Teeki- shop her exclusive link here

Kendra's hair and make up is done by her sister and stylist Lacey Campbell (instagram @laceyshaline) Lacey works at Parlour 3 in Brentwood, TN- to schedule services with her, call (615)942-9020 or visit